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Shenli Crawler Water Well Drilling Truck Features and Characteristics

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FY680 Water Well Drilling Rig

The main requirements of the crawler water well drilling rig are hole diameter, depth, direction, angle, rock condition, condition of the construction site, construction period, etc. Here are the advantages of crawler water well drilling rigs for you.

I. Diesel-driven downhole drilling rigs.

1. the engine uses Yuchai turbocharged engine (Cummins engine).

2. the rig uses a fully hydraulic power head, which is convenient for attaching and discharging drilling tools as well as dealing with complex situations in the hole.

3, crawler travel, easy to transfer and construct in complex terrain; crawler climbing capacity of 30Max; travel motor with gearbox, durable and increase the long service life.

4、Equipped with an oil injector, foam pump, and other equipment, it can drill with air, mud, foam, and other techniques to adapt to the construction of different layer conditions.

5、Hole diameter 500mm, rotary torque 11,150Nm, drilling depth 800m, can meet the general water well and ground temperature air conditioning well construction and engineering Shenzhen drilling.

6、With self-loading hydraulic legs, loading, and unloading without a crane save the cost of the transfer.

7、Hydraulic oil pump: parallel gearbox design oil pump single separate, power to provide sufficient distribution of reasonable, hydraulic system unique design, simple maintenance costs small.

8、Power head device: gearbox integrated casting, dual motors to provide power, high torque, durable, small maintenance costs.

9、Drilling rig chassis: professional excavator chassis, durable, large load capacity, wide chain plate, small damage to the hard road.

10、Lifting force: design compound big arm, small big arm size, long stroke, double oil cylinder lifting, large lifting tonnage.

The above are the advantages of a crawler water well drilling rig for you, welcome to call us for more information.