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Routine maintenance of crawler drilling rig tracks

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FY260 Water Well Drilling Rig

When the crawler drilling rig is working on a site with soft soil, the crawler and the track links are easily attached to the soil, so the clearance of the crawler should be slightly loose to prevent abnormal stress on the track links due to the attachment of the soil. In construction sites with pebbles, the track gap should also be slightly loose so that the track plate can be prevented from bending when walking on pebbles. When walking on solid and flat ground, the tracks should be adjusted slightly tighter.

Crawler tension adjustment: If the crawler is too tight, the walking speed and power will decrease. Crawler rigs also need to pay attention to reducing wear and tear during construction. The bracket wheel, support wheel, drive wheel, and track links are all wear-prone parts, but they can vary greatly depending on whether they are inspected daily or not. Therefore, if you spend a little time on proper maintenance, you can control the wear and tear very well. If some of the carrier wheels and supporting wheels are not working, the rollers may be worn out and the rail links may be worn out. If a non-functional roller is found, it must be repaired immediately. In this way, other problems can be prevented. If you walk on the skewed ground repeatedly for a long time and turn suddenly, the side of the rail link will come into contact with the side of the drive wheel and the guide wheel, which will increase the degree of wear. Therefore, walking on skewed ground and sudden steering should be prevented as much as possible. Straight-line trekking and big turns can effectively prevent wear.

Also, pay attention to checking the accessories of the crawler drilling rig from time to time to ensure safety, and contact us at any time if you have any questions.